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At the beginning of 2015 the company established the medical division where the company has contracting with biggest hospital of medical care unit. The company supplies all medical devices including the disposable items, equipment, cosmetics and food supplement.


The year of 2015 Start to the starting point of the medical Division in Brosco, the company that were not just an idea, but based on the strategic plans demonstrated persistence and competitiveness and thus stay positioned to achieve the vision of the future Medical events company founded by a small crew of relatively large size staff expertise, did not exceed the number of branches at the time per branch, but the roof of the high morale and progress in the provision of services and the presence of the Secretariat and fidelity are the most prominent factors in the strength of presence.

on 2018 the Brosco medical is one ofthe largest companies in Saudi Arabia with several branches and exhibitions and Salesmen covering the cities of the Kingdom, the company covers the branches of government and private hospitals in the kingdom. Where he is the angel of the company with a team of department managers to follow the realization of the vision and the development of scientific and practical policies and verification of quality and specifications Food and Drug Authority Arabia and quality of implementation.

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